September 27, 2011

Life Gives you Lemons ... Make Rhubarb Jam

Last night Jordan started getting a head ache and the chills. She woke up are 4am with aches and pains everywhere and running a high fever. I made the executive decision to turn off our alarm clocks, give her a children's ibuprofen and hope we could sleep in a bit (no school for Jordan and no work for me). But that also means spending the day cooped up inside the house with a sick kiddo. I'm no good at being cooped up and unproductive.

What to do, what to do?

Finish my knitting project from last spring. I started knitting a blanket months ago - like 8 months ago. Knitting a blanket is a major undertaking and by the time warm summer weather arrived it was not finished. But I was finished, which knitting that is, until the cold rains were to return. I balled up the blanket and needles and stuffed them under the coffee table.

Guess what, the cold rains are back. At the first whiff of fall air, the first leaf turned yellow, my desire to knit goes into full swing. I pulled out the blanket, put my feet up and finished it! Now Jordan is curled up in the blanket trying to get healthy. But I would need another project.

After clean the bathrooms, which was good but not particularly rewarding, I took advantage of a break in the rain to investigate the garden. Strangest thing, the rhubarb is still producing. I had about 15 more stalks ready to cut. Time to make more jam. Now that is a rewarding afternoon activity! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas? I'll give you a hint - it's not a knitted blanket.

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