September 24, 2011

Down Sides

I love living in the country. Out of every window I see green, not other houses. At night, on the back deck, it's quiet - no cars, no people talking, no dogs barking. Jordan can play outside without adult supervision. It's wonderful. But sometimes I miss a few of the amenities that come with living inside the city limits. Like for instance a wastewater treatment plant.

I had just finished cleaning and trimming beans and went downstairs to retrieve the pressure cooker. I walked into the mud room and the floor was covered in water. I opened the shower (the mud room is a bathroom, laundry room and storage area) and found it full of water. This has happened before. It means that there is blockage between the house and the septic system. Crap! Actually, thankfully, not crap. Only the water I used to wash the beans was backing up. So it was pretty darn clean. Lucky that I caught it when I did or we'd have a big, nasty mess. I laid down towels to sop up the water and Jeremy called Roto Rooter.

I'm now waiting for them to arrive. I can't continue canning because I can't run anything down the sink. Can't wash the beats. Jordan had to go over to our neighbor's house to use the bathroom because we can't flush the toilet. But when Roto Rooter gets here it should be a quick and easy fix. They'll run a hose from the septic system up the pipe towards the house. Find the blockage and pull it out. Then we'll be back to normal. Until then I'll make use of another perk of living in the country - peeing outside.

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Robin said...

Argg! I hate things like that. Least you caught it soon.