December 2, 2010


This time of year I feel like the most neglectful farmer ever. I work 9am-4pm, commute one hour each way, pick up Jordan and make sure she does her homework, prepare dinner. Jeremy works considerably more hours than me, with the same amount of commuting. And we have to get still have to get all the chores done. This is the way it goes all year long, but for some reason when the days are shorter and it gets dark at 4:30pm, it feels like even more to do. The lack of light has a compounding affect on day-to-day responsibilities.

For the past two weeks the animals have gotten the following attention:
Morning - Open chicken coop and toss out scratch. Feed sheep a scoop of oats.
Night - Feed sheep a few squares of hay. Fill chicken food if needed. Gather eggs and lock chickens in coop.
The End.

That is horrible farming in my opinion. Part of what I love about having farm animals is hanging out with them. The chickens are hilarious. They want to be right under your feet but don't want to be pet (except Pearl who always wants to be picked up and loved). Notag, Lilly and Junior like their faces scratched. I like to spend time just watching them to make sure everything is OK. I haven't spend more than 20 minutes a day with the animals for a long while. Bad farmer, bad!

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