November 25, 2010


Next year we must raise our own turkey for Thanksgiving dinner!

I know nothing about raising a turkey other than the ones at the county fair are mean and not very cute. Do they need as much space as a chicken or more or less? Can they share a space with the chickens or do they need to be separated? Do turkeys roost? Coop or no coop? Wow, we really have no clue.

But they are so, so delicious. And it is ridiculous expensive to buy a "free range", organic turkey. My mom bought this year's turkey and spent an arm-and-leg for the lovely bird. It was yummy but I have to assume, like everything else we've raised ourselves, home grown turkey will be ten times as good.

Seriously though, do they fly? If so, how high does the fence need to be to keep them in? Kitchen scraps like the chickens eat or not? ???

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