December 5, 2010

Junior Musk

Junior is putting off a fantastic odor right now. It's not a bad odor but it's also not an odor you want lingering on your hands, which is exactly what it does.

I was walking down the driveway to pick up the newspaper this morning and I could smell him from about 20 feet away. I had to go over and say hi, of course. I gave him some cheek-pets (Junior loves having his cheeks scratched). I could really get a good whiff. When I got back up to the house I washed my hands but I could still smell the musk on my fingers. I washed them again and put some lotion on. Now I can just barely smell it.

Last weekend we had friends come by to pick up some beef. They had not been out before and so I took everyone to the meet the sheep. Nicholas was particularly impressed with Junior - how big he is, his loud baahh as way of saying hi, how he tries to lick your hand while you're petting him. Nicholas also remarked on Junior lovely odor. "Wow, you can really smell him!" I warned that the smell would stay on his hands for a few hours but that didn't stop Nicholas from giving some cheek-pets - no one can resist Junior.

Lilly can't resist him either. Lilly is in the pasture on the opposite side of the driveway along with Notag and the two lambs. A couple of night's ago, Jeremy went down to give everyone some oats. Notag and the two lambs came a-runnin', but not Lilly. Jeremy looked around the barn and she was pacing up and down the fence flirting with Junior. Amazing that she can smell him from about 50 feet away. Very soon we'll be moving Junior over to the girls' pasture so they can produce next year's lambs. That of course is the whole point of the Junior musk - to get the ladies to go into heat.

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