March 14, 2012

Water Resistant vs Water Proof

There is a difference between water resistant and water proof - as I learned this morning.

Jordan's 4th grade class participated in a salmon release. They helped move 80,000 coho from boxes to a tributary of Salmon Creek (yep, the stream is actually called Salmon Creek). I was one of the chaperons.

Yesterday it snowed and we woke up this morning to rain. Jordan and I put on rubber boots, warm sweaters and coats. I chose my red rain coat. At 9:30 am I met the bus at the hatchery (this is a small hatchery located in the backyard of a farmer who lives not farm from our house). We pulled up our hoods and stood in the rain listening to directions. Then all the kids formed lines and the parents stationed themselves at the pick-up and release locations. I was at a pick up location.

One by one each kid handed us small plastic containers (the kind sour cream or ricotta cheese comes in), the container was filled by a man standing in the pond using a fish net (like the ones at the pet store). Each time, each container got about 20 fish. So you can imagine how long it took to empty 80,000 fish from the boxes to the creek.

After about 30 minutes I realized that my hood was leaking. 15 minutes later I noticed that my rain jacket was soaked through and my neck was getting wet. By the time we were done it had been 1 1/2 hours and I was dripping, literally dripping down my nose, my chin, off my glasses. My sweater was drenched. My hair was as wet as if I just got out of the shower. And, to add insult to injury, it was roughly 40 F - burrr!

We hurried the kids back onto the buss and they left for school. Since we were close to my house, I decided I had better go home and change my close, fix my hair and put on clean shoes (mine were very muddy) before heading to (in an office). It took a few hours and many cups of coffee before I stopped shivering.

Next time I buy a rain jacket I will double check at the tag says water proof not water resistant.

On a better note - It was awesome releasing all those salmon and knowing they will come back to this creek to spawn. And the kids were totally non-pulsed by the rain. They had a great time!

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