March 15, 2012

Turkeys Are Here!

Good friends of ours, who moved into the country shortly after we did, raised turkeys last spring/summer. It was their first attempt and were winging it (pun intended). Thankfully they had a great experience and shared the ups and downs with us. For example, you can house turkeys with your chickens but when the turkeys get big they will be mean to the chickens. Also, if you buy the baby turkeys in February, then you'll have full grown, butcher-ready turkeys in September which means you'll have to freeze them (no fresh Thanksgiving turkey).

So, this year we are giving it a try. (I should note that our friends raised 4 turkeys last year and are raising 8 this year.) We bought 4 standard bronze at Wilco Farm and Feed yesterday. They are housed in a large, horse-sized black plastic water trough (empty of course), with cedar shavings and a heat lamp. The whole thing is in the garage so that no would-be-turkey-eaters (e.g. raccons, possum or kitty) can get to them.

Here are some pictures ... too cute!


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Mindy said...

Thanks! We like hearing for everyone too!