November 10, 2011

Waiting for the Shoe to Drop

It's been a long lull. Ever since I canned my last jar of apple butter and we butchered the pigs. There's just nothing doin'. Add to that that we haven't had any animal escapes, births or sicknesses. We haven't had any intruders - no coyotes or opossums or raccoons. No wind storms, no stream flooding, no freak early snow. And my insane capability of breaking anything in my path or at the very least tripping over it hasn't reared it's ugly head for a while.

That all sounds great right? Nothing but enjoying the quiet. Eating the rewards of the garden and the animals. Knitting and crafting and not doing work. Heaven. Or so you'd think.

But all I keep thinking is when will come to a crashing, lamb-escaping, opossum-egg-stealing, barn-roof-leaking, power-outage halt. I know it's coming. This bliss can't last much longer. There's just no way having a farm can be this easy. Seriously!

Of course, no that I've said something, and even though I've knocked on wood, I just jinxed us. Tomorrow I'll be posting that a tree branch feel on the back deck or the cat got sprayed by a skunk. So tonight I'm going to sit back, snuggle up by the fire with my slippers on and thoroughly enjoy the peace and pretend that the other shoe won't ever drop.

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