November 8, 2011

Urban Ag

We don' t live in the city anymore or even in the suburbs. But when we did, I always had a big garden. If we had decided to stay in the city, I would have chickens and maybe even a goat by now. Of course that is all possible because we use to live in a community that allowed all those things.

Cities are making great strides and creating opportunities for people to grow and sell their own food. I think this is so important for so many reasons. Food security makes me nervous, genetic manipulation makes me terrified. Also, there is a huge health crisis in our country primarily because of the crappy, processed food we eat. I know a local CSA won't solve the problem, but it takes a very small step in the right dirrection.

Both my husband and I work in Portland, OR. While we live way outside the city now, I still identify with Portland as my community. And Portland is trying really hard to support local food production and sales. Check out this report, prepared by a friend and colleue of mine, about what current road blocks still exist in Portland's urban agriculatural scene and some ways those road blocks could be toren down.

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