September 7, 2011

Morning Fun

I was standing in my bathroom, freshly showered and half dressed, brushing my hair. I had the bathroom window open a crack to let out the steam. Jordan had just gotten out of bed and was getting dressed, asking me what the weather would be like today. Then I heard one of the lambs start to bahh like crazy.

Last weekend we moved the ewes and lambs over to a fresh pasture where there is still green grass and where there is access to our neighbor's unused pasture. They were thrilled! But the fence line is a bit more questionable on that pasture, seeing how we usually only have Junior on that pasture and he is too big to sneak out any small openings. So when I heard a lamb start bahhing I figured one had squeezed through and was panicking trying to get back to the heard.

Crap! I'd have to go do something about that. I tossed on a shirt and some flip flops and told Jordan I was heading out to check on the sheep.

I hurried down the driveway, cold due to the September morning crispness (which I love), thinking of ways that Jordan and I could coral a lamb. I came around the corner on the pole barn and there was Spot standing in the middle of the pasture, the other sheep down on Eric's, just bahhing like mad. Nothing was wrong. She wasn't hurt. She was just standing there bahhing at the tops of her lungs. Stupid sheep!

I went back up stairs and continued my morning.

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