September 17, 2011

Last Supper

It's that time of year - time to butcher the pigs. It's bitter sweet. Bitter - I really like these pigs. They are funny and nice and really personable. Sweet - Bacon, need I say more. Last night they got a real last super, courtesy of my mom who always saves her compost in the freezer at her condo and brings out treats for the pigs and chickens.


Robin said...

Bittersweet is right. I remember that feeling when it was time for our pigs to go.

Tom said...

I am very glad your experience with them has been good. How did they turn out?

Mindy said...

Yes, we had a great experience with the pigs! And they are delicious. The ham steaks are particularly amazing. We had chops tonight, which were great. Thanks for checking in :-)