October 24, 2010

Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Jordan's 8th birthday by allowing her to invite 9 friends over and to take them to a movie. It was crazy, insane, trying, exhausting - wow! Never again will I take 10 8-year-old girls to a movie. But here at home before the movie wasn't too bad.

There was a break in the rain and we took them down to meet the animals. Nearly all the kids hadn't been to our house before. All but two of the kids did exactly what every other child does - spend 5 minutes petting the sheep and tossing scratch to the chickens and then they are done. One of my friends, who was down for the weekend, took the girls in to the pasture for some games, like freeze tag. Having a big pasture, and a fantastic friend to help out, was key! But two of the girls were more interested in the animals.

It was fun for me and Jeremy to have a captive audience. The girls asked about what kind of sheep they are and what do they eat and why isn't the ram over with the ewes. They wanted to know how you can have eggs with no rooster. They went back to pet Junior twice; he was loving the attention. I wish all kids were that interested in the farm.

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