July 14, 2010

One of Those Days

Preface - I have a good life. Supportive family, great friends, lovely home, good job. I have nothing to complain about. But I'm not going to let that stop me.

You know the kind of day I'm talking about. It's not one huge catastrophic incident, it's just a bunch of little things that go wrong. By the end of the day you don't know whether to scream or laugh or poor a second glass of wine. That was my day today.

Work was crappy, I was just off all day long. I'm not going to go into detail because this is a farm blog, not a what Mindy did at work blog. Let's just leave it as one hell of a frustrating day!

We got home latish due to swim lessons. Usually, Jeremy would have gotten home before us and have fed the sheep. But Jeremy had planned for a while to have drinks after work with a friend. So when Jordan and I arrived home the sheep were pissed off. They were nearly climbing out of the pole barn. I decided to go straight down, without changing out of the my heels, to feed the ladies.

Problem #1 - The sheep had pooped all over their oat trough. They have a whole pasture and yet manage to leave little brown poops in a 6 foot long by 8 inch wide trough. I can't put oats in over poop, so I have to go into the pole barn and scrap the poop out first. The easiest way into the pole barn is to climb over the fence. I say easiest - true in jeans and tennis shoes, not so much in heels and a skirt. With one leg over and the other not, I lost my balance. Flicked the other leg over and landed in the oat trough, in the poop. (Skirt is going to need a trip to the dry cleaners.) And I busted the trough - broken one side off. Guess the sheep don't get oats tonight.

Problem #2 - While getting out of the trough and back to my feet, I notice the sheep are completely out of water. The water trough is bone dry. But the sheep are now yelling at me for not giving them oats. Decided some alfalfa would appease them and then deal with the water.

Problem #3 - The alfalfa is compressed into very tight squares. It takes effort to pull apart the square so it is edible. While I was in the barn, which was 20 degree hotter than outside, pulling, alfalfa flying around, sticking to my blouse (also headed to the dry cleaners), my allergies kicked in. Following the sneezing fit, I got the alfalfa out. Finally the bahhing has stopped. Now onto the water.

Problem #4 - The water spigot was stuck and I couldn't turn it on. I got some pliers, clamped onto the spigot and pinched my finger. Lovely blood blister. Many profanities! But I got the water on. Animals are now taken care of and we headed up to the house.

Problem #5 - You know when you get chicken at the store it comes in the foam tray with an absorbent cloth and wrapped in plastic - all covered in chicken juice. If you put the foam, etc. in the garbage and leave it for a day in a warm house, it produces a lovely smell. It was a wall of smell when we entered the house. Garbage out.

Problem #6 - It's now a 1/2 hour past Jordan's bed time.

None of this was horrible, all stuff we can deal with, but add it up and slap it on top of the crappy day at work and ... second glass of wine it is!

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