July 10, 2010

Bring on the Heat!

This has been a miserable spring - cold and wet for way, way too long. But last week summer arrived. Temps above 90 every day! I love it and so does the garden.

In one week the corn grew six inches. The green beans grabbed the poles and moved on up more than 2 feet! The zucchini is about ready to flower; but that isn't surprising because (I'm convinced) zucchini, being that it is basically a weed, will grow in any conditions. The cucumber finally got off the ground so the slugs will stop munching the leaves. And the tomatoes, my favorite fruit, all have flowers!

We are frantically eating lettuce before it bolts. Last night I made a yummy salad with lettuce and broccolini from the garden, tomatoes and cucumber from the local produce mart, kalamata olives and feta cheese. It was delicious. But I'm getting tired of salad - if I have to eat another for lunch I may just throw it across the room!!!!

What doesn't love this heat? The sheep. Poor little sheep are all panting and hanging out in the shade. They are going through a trough of water every couple of days. Wool no mas. What else doesn't love the heat? Apparently, native Pacific Northwesterners. I swear! Last Sunday everyone, and I mean everyone, was complaining about the endless clouds, rain and cool temperatures. As soon as the sun came out and the temperatures went up to 90 F, everyone started complaining that it's too hot. The news channels spend at least 70% of the show telling people how to stay safe. It's not like there is humidity here - well not like back east where it is currently 95 F with 90% humidity -now that's hot!

I shouldn't be surprised though. This is the same population that freaked out by an inch of snow and shut down Portland!

I digress. I'm loving this heat and so thankful that my garden may survive. I can only hope the temps stay up above 80 F through September - that's the only chance we have of getting a corn crop this year.

Funny side note about the corn. I replanted the corn two times this spring and only half of the second planting came up. (That's not the funny part.) In the garage we have a bag of dried corn-on-the-cob that we put out for the squirrels. Some mice have been eating it and have dropped a few kernels into a bag of potting soil that sits right below the bag of corn. In the dark, stinky garage, with no water, those little kernels sprouted. Can you believe that?!


Heather said...

Just had to leave a comment after reading this... no complaining here:) I am so thankful for the heat after our long wet spring and even though it seems hotter in the house sometimes than it does outside I promised myself I wouldn't complain. At least the garden is finally growing!

Also about the corn... I reseeded twice myself. I think I got about 4 or 5 plants up the first time, but the second came up well. Too funny about your volunteers.

Anyway, I have enjoyed peeking around your blog a bit. I found you after googling hobby farm oregon blogs.

Mindy said...

Thanks! Our corn is actually producing fruit - I'm amazed!!!!