February 18, 2013

2013 Seeds

This year we are sticking to the basics, as in heirloom.  I decided to purchase through Eden Brothers because they have a wide variety of seeds to choose from, including conventional, heirloom and organic.  We are also just doing the basics in terms of what we are growing.  Nothing fancy.  The stuff we always enjoy eating fresh and processing.  

Here is my order list:  
2    Corn Seeds - "Golden Beauty" - Ounce  SVCOR27-OZ  
1    Beet Seeds - "Detroit Dark Red" - PacketSVBET5-PKT  
1    Beet Seeds - "Crosby Egyptian" - PacketSVBET8-PKT   
2    Carrot Seeds (Organic) - "Danvers 126" - PacketSVCAR113 -qb1 
1    Cucumber Seeds - "Long Green Improved" - PacketSVCUC35-PKT 
3    Kale Seeds - "Premier" - Packet      SVKAL53-PKT    
1    Bean Seeds (Bush) - "Golden Wax" - OunceSVBEA4-OZ    
1    Bean Seeds (Bush) - "Landreth Stringless" - OunceSVBEA7-OZ    
2    Bean Seeds (Bush) - "Contender" - OunceSVBEA2-OZ   
1    Pea Seeds - "Sugar Snap" (Snap Pea) - OunceSVPEA92-OZ   
2    Pea Seeds - "Thomas Laxton" - Ounce  SVPEA86-OZ    
2    Pumpkin Seeds - "Small Sugar" - PacketSVPUM102-PKT   
2    Spinach Seeds - "Bloomsdale Long Standing" - PacketSVSPI112-PKT    
1    Squash (Summer) Seeds - "Golden Summer Crookneck" - PacketSVSQU119-PKT    
1    Squash (Summer) Seeds - "Black Beauty" - PacketSVSQU114-PKT 

I'll buy tomato and green pepper starts at Wilco.   And I'll get some basil once the weather gets warmer (the thyme and rosemary over wintered OK).  We also have blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and grapes in the garden.  Crossed fingers, we'll have a great harvest this year! 

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