August 6, 2012

From Barn to Storage

There are many great things about having a barn and all of those things have to do with storage.  Storing hay.  Storing the tractor.  Storing sheep (when they are going into labor).  And storing cupboards from your parents remodel that you intend to use in a cabin that is under construction.

Ok that last one may not ring true for everyone.

Today, I set up one-quarter of the barn so that it can take all the cupboards from my parent's remodel.  They  just moved into a new-to-them house.  The kitchen and bathrooms were out of date.  Can you say 1980?!  So they decided to remodel.  Just about the time they were buying their place, we decide to build a cabin on our property in Packwood.  And a match in heaven was born.  My parents had stuff they no longer needed and we needed stuff.

In order to prep the barn I had to first disassemble the sheep stalls.  There are two stalls that are easily put up and taken down.  These are use primarily for birthing, but we also quarantine sick animals in the stalls.  Francis was in one of the stalls for a few days before she passed.  So, I took down the stalls.  Then removed all the straw bedding.  Next I laid down some tarps and then some pallets and two-by-fours (all of this to keep the cupboards off the dirt floor and moisture.)

And then the cupboards came.

If you think about all the cupboards in your house, it doesn't seem like that much.  The kitchen and couple bathrooms.  No big deal.  Right.  It took up one-quarter of the barn entirely and we had to make room the garage for the spill-over.  Wow, it's a lot of cupboards.

Totally worth it though.  All the cupboards, besides being out-dated, are in great shape.  All are straight runs, which means no strange shapes or angles.  And in total I bet we have a few thousand dollars that we're saving by using used cupboards instead of new ones.  Score!

Let's just hope that for the next few months none of the sheep in a sickbay.  

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