April 8, 2012

Easter Craft

This isn't really a farm-related blog post, but I thought I'd share a fun food craft we did for Easter.

Marshmallow Pops!

The idea came from the Food Network Magazine and it is so simple even a little kid can do it. Plus the result are yummy. Here's what you do.

1. Purchase regular sized marshmallows, lolly pop sticks and colored sprinkles. The sugar crystal sprinkles worked best.

2. Insert lolly pop sticks into marshmallows.

3. Working with one at a time, dip marshmallow into dish of water. Then tap it to remove any big drips.

4. Sprinkle.

5. Set on parchment paper to dry.

We decided to make our's into a display and take to Grandma's house for Easter Dinner. I poured a bunch of jelly beans into the bottom of a basket. Then I put some of that fake grass stuff on top. We put the marshmallow pops in and arranged them. Turned out great!

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