February 8, 2012

Seed Order 2012

I just placed my seed order. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. This year there will be a focus on trellises with an emphasis on beans, peas, small gourds and cucumbers. Below are the seeds I ordered from Territorial Seed Co. I left in the catalog numbers for those who order through Territorial Seed Co. and might be interested in these varieties.

SQ803/S Bush Baby Squash - small green zucchini
BN054/S California Blackeye 46 Bean - shelling bean
PE633/S Canoe Peas - shelling pea
CU322/S Diamant Cucumbers - pickling cucumber
CN204/S Earlivee Corn
BR108/L Fiesta Broccoli
SQ806/S Golden Rod Squash - yellow summer squash
PU719/S Neon Pumpkin - pie pumpkin
ON545/S Pacific Pearl Onion
MS493/L Perfection Fennel
CN223/S Precocious Corn
CU293/S Raider Cucumbers - slicing cucumbers
BT133/S Red Ace Beet
XP709/A Rio Grande Potatoes - russet
CF171/S Snow Crown Cauliflower
BN027/S Soleil Bean - yellow french bean
BN044/S Speedy Bean - green bean
GO339/S Spoon Platoon Gourds - ornamental gourds
PE634/P Sugar Sprint Peas - snap peas
BR103/S Veronica Broccoli
CR283/S Yaya Carrots
XP702/A Yukon Gold Potatoes

I'll also purchase starts (live plants) of Roma tomato, banana peppers and basil. Other herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano I've over wintered. Spinach, romaine and kale are currently growing inside and in a cold frame. I've also got some sprouts started in the kitchen window.

Spring is in the air and seeds in the dirt. Yay!!


Mad Typist said...

Thanks for sharing! It doesn't look too terribly different from what I'm used to here in the Midwest, so maybe the transition to Pacific Northwest Gardening will go a little easier than I thought. :D I am a little impressed that you already have things under the cold frames, though. We're weeks out from even considering that here.

Mindy said...

The benefit of the PNW weather is that it doesn't freeze, so cold frames can start in February. The bad about the PNW is that we don't have the growing season for long-growth things like corn. All varietals that I grow in the garden mature in under 80 days. The two corn varieties are 65-75 days.

Mad Typist said...

I just noticed that you don't have any melons at all on your list. I'm guessing the shorter growing season sort of puts a damper on those, eh?

Mindy said...

True - we tried melons for the past 5 years - we tried starting them early in cold frames, finishing them under row covers, but nothing worked - so I gave up on melons