January 4, 2012

Quick Frozen Egg Update

I realize I spend a lot of time talk about eggs. Tonight we called our neighbor to ask if they could watch over the place and feed the animals while we go skiing this weekend. They happily said yes. Lola use to have sheep and misses them, so she loves visiting with ours. They still have chickens and Lola asked if we are getting any eggs. Jeremy said that we were dry for about 6 weeks. We upped the amount of supplemental light to 16 hours per day and we are finally getting 1 to 2 eggs. Lola replied that they haven't gotten any for 2 months. They are going to up their lighting too and see if that helps.

I assume, back in the day when everyone had chickens and other farm animals this was a common enough discussion. Who's laying, who's lambing, what's working, what's not. But I don't have a lot of people to chat it up with, so I relish checking in with other hobby farmers or urban farmers [many of those in Portland].

Anyway, back to my eggs. I'm getting low on my frozen eggs. I only froze a dozen last fall partially because we found a stash of 13 hidden in the barn and partially because I was skeptical that it would work. It did and the results are Ok - good for baking, but not good for much else. Even in baking the yolks don't incorporate well. Then I read on another farm blog that if you mix the yolks in with whites before freezing it's better. Of course, I don't have enough eggs to think about freezing extras, but I thought I'd share the idea while I have eggs on the brain.

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