November 2, 2011

Worried Cat

We have a second story, covered back deck. It runs the full length of the house and over looks the garden and two pastures. There is no access from the deck down to the yard, so raccoons or neighbor dogs can't come up and bother us. We love, love, love the back deck and find any reason to go out there. In the sun, we have to enjoy the view. In the rain, we have to listen to the sound of drops hitting the roof. In the dark, we need to look at the stars. Any excuse at all.

When it is raining, the cats, being completely spoiled little princesses, generally won't go outside. They pretend like they want to go out and then sit at the open door staring into the rain before turning tail and heading back to the fireplace for another nap. So to fulfill their out-doors desires when the weather is less than favorable they like to go out on the back deck. They can sit on the deck railing and watch the outside but not actually have to step foot in the mud.

Today they had been in all day and it was raining hard when we got home from work. So both ran to the back door and asked to be let out. I obliged. Then I forgot I let them out and went about my business. After about an hour or so I realized they may want back in.

I opened the back door and called "kitties, want to come in." Rosa came running meowing the whole way. This is not normal behavior. Neither of our cats is very vocal. The only time they use their voices is when it's past dinner time - then they literally yell at me. When Rosa came running across the deck she was making this worried mew, mew, mew sound. I said "What is it?" Then looking around, "Where is Alley?" At that Rosa turned around and went running back down the deck still worried and mew, mew, mewing. I called "Alley, where you at?" She didn't come running. I bet she fell off the railing. The railing gets damp when it rains hard and neither of the cats is very graceful.

So I went back inside, Rosa walking at my heals continuing to mew, mew, mew. I went to the front door and opened it. I didn't even get a chance to call for Alley when she came in soaking wet. Rosa ran right up to her, mewed another time, sniffed her butt and decided that Alley was OK.

For their troubles they felt they needed a treat. I offered up a few tuna flavored yummies. Spoiled.

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