October 23, 2011

Hoodriver Apple Festival

Every fall we take trip out to Hoodriver for the Heirloom Apple Festival. It's one of my favorite things visiting all the orchards, even if I have no reason to buy apples.

The first stop is always the Apple Valley Store. This old store not only has some of the best jams and jellies I've ever sampled, they make a pear pastry that is worth the drive. It's a whole pear, cored and wrapped in pie crust then baked. After the pear is soft and the crust golden, they drizzle it with a butter, cinnamon and sugar sauce. It's a meal all by itself, but since the store also has a killer BBQ with cabage/pear slaw, I leave stuffed. This year, my mom and I split the BBQ.

The next stop is Cody Farms. The farm is owned and operated by a group of women who are all on-hand slicing apples and pears for tasting. They also crush apples for fresh cider and give kids hay rides around the orchard. And as if I haven't had enough to eat, they have amazing pies-by-the-slice.

After Cody Farms we go to Rasmasson's. This is your classic fall farm completed with huge pumpkin patch and corn maze. They also have an amazing variety of apples. Spitzenburg, Winesap, Newton-Pippen, Arkansas Black - the best apples that you never see in the store. And as if I haven't had enough to eat, they have caramelled apples. I like to get the caramelled apple first and then head into the corn maze.

Finally it's up to Parker's Fruit Stand because they have the best cookies in the valley. Yep, that's right, I eat a cookie too. What a great way to end a great day touring orchards.

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