July 2, 2011

Lamb #2

Jeremy and I love our back deck - we can't get enough just standing out there an looking. Sun, rain, snow, day time or night time, we are out there. Last night before we went to bed, midnight-ish, we went out on the deck to look at the stars. There was a lot of bahhing coming from the barn, which unusual for the middle of the night. I went down to investigate.

As I opened the barn door I saw Notag down on her side, panting hard. All I could see of the lamb was one front arm and the head. I had instant flashback from last year, when one of the lambs got her leg caught back in the birth canal. And although we intervened to get her out, she died. So I jumped right in with Notag and felt around for the second leg. It was out too. Whew! Then there was nothing left to do but wait and encourage Notag to push. Not that she understood my words.

Jeremy was moving Jordan from our bed to her's. She had elected to fall asleep in our room. He heard me cheering Notag on and headed down. Just as he arrived to the barn Notag gave her last push and the lamb was out. We stayed down for about an hour watching Notag clean him, yes it's a boy, and to make sure he nursed, which he did vigorously. Then we went to bed it was 1:45am.

This morning Jordan and I went down to check on everyone and take some pictures. Both lambs - Spot, Lilly's girl, and Bo, Notag's boy - are doing great.

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Judie Morton said...

Congratulations to your sweet ewes!