June 15, 2011

The Slopping

There is something really nice about watching pigs eat. No guilt, no manners. Pure enjoyment and total satisfaction. Tonight, Sammy nearly jumped out of the stall when she smelled the slop. But this wasn't just any slop, this was some high-end slop. Last night I attended a catered work event. At the end of the evening the purveyor of the feast told everyone to take some food home. I said "You know, I could take most of this home to my pigs." He said "Really?!" "Well, yes. Everything but the meat." So we grabbed a huge plastic bowl (huge, as in catering sized) and started to dump. Potatoes, broccoli, cucumber sandwiches, apple turnovers. I could barely carry the bowl it was so full. Here is a video of slopping, notice the tails wagging ...

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