May 23, 2011

Computer and Crappy Weather

My laptop has become like a cat. I sit down on the couch and it's on my lap. No matter what I'm planning on doing while on the couch - watching TV, reading a magazine, knitting - the laptop is always there to keep me company. And the actual cats hate that the laptop gets priority. Sometimes Rosa tries to take over and run the show - as you can see from the picture.

Last week, my laptop started blinking on and off and the battery wouldn't charge up. Finally on Wednesday it wouldn't turn on. I was really worried and rushed it to the computer doctor. Thankfully it was just a loose plug in thinging and could easily be fixed, but I would have to be without my laptop for four whole days. Four days!

Not blogging was hard. I kept thinking, "I should by writing something." But there was no laptop to write on. And putting a real pen to a sheet of paper, seemed so old-school. Then again, there is nothing going on here anyway. Surprise, surprise - it's raining and cold. The seeds are in the ground but I'm nervous they'll just mold and rot without sprouting. The starts we put in are already getting munched by the slugs. The only plant looking good are the strawberries. As long as we get the nets over the fruit before the birds get them, we should have a bumper crop.

There is nothing much going on with the animals either. The sheep are pregnant but weeks from giving birth. They are just eating and getting wider. The chickens are laying. The pigs are growing. I think each is about 20 pounds heavier than the day we bought them. The bees are buzzing. Just same ol', same ol' with the animals.

And, as you can tell, I have my laptop back on my lap where it belongs. My lap is very happy. The cats have mixed emotions.

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Robin said...

That picture with the cats is sooo cute.

I know what you mean about not having your laptop for a few days. My laptop bit the dust so I was without one for about half a month and it was pure agony. :)