March 25, 2011

Extra Chicken

We share our driveway with two other houses. It's not as strange as it sounds. The driveway is pretty long and then forks into three private drives leading to the respective houses. One of the houses is owned by Eric and Lola. They've been out here for at least 30 years. And they are the kind of neighbors you hope to get when you buy a place out in the country. The first week we were here our water line busted and Eric helped fix it at 10pm in the driving rain. They always watch our animals if we go away on the weekend. And they make some of the best homemade wine.

When we first moved in, Lola was keeping Araucana chickens. Jordan was 2 1/2 at the time and Lola invited her over to gather some eggs. Araucana's lay eggs with blue shells - very pretty. Jordan got so excited about the eggs that she dropped one. She started to cry until Lola handed her another and said "don't worry, there are lots more where that came from." But after a few years the chore of chickens was getting to be a pain for Lola and she got rid of the chickens. This was about the same time we bought ours (not Araucanas - we have Buff Orpintons and Light Brahmas).

Now that I've had chickens I truly couldn't imagine not having them. They are so fun. Really. They are. They come a-runnin' when they see me, hoping to get some kitchen scraps. They follow me around while I do chores, talking to me the whole time. And they produce food! So it didn't surprise me that Lola only lasted two years without chickens. She bought a group of mix-breed layers last fall. Seven total.

Last night the phone ran. Lola said "This is going to sound strange, but do you have an extra chicken?" She went on to explain that one came up missing the other day. She and Eric looked around for signs of it being eaten by a coyote, but there was nothing. Since our chickens roam about, she thought that perhaps one of her's got out of its run and joined up with ours. Jordan ran down to check and we still just have eight. I hope there isn't a chicken robber out there! I happen to like all my chickens and don't want to loose any.


Homemade Alaska said...

I adore my chickens, I think people think that is a little crazy, but I just really enjoy having them around. Ours are in a large fenced area, we did try to let them free range, but had trouble with I think either a dog or a fox. I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Mindy said...

Thanks! We have neighbor dogs I worry about, but thus far the chickens have been safe (knock on wood).