February 27, 2011

Water Mark

Friday morning it was very, very chilly - in the teens. I was headed to a half-day symposium for work and then shopping in downtown with lots of walking outside. I decided to wear a long, knitted scarf.

All the animals' waters were frozen solid as were the hoses. Thus before hoping in the car to take Jordan to the bus stop, I had to truck multiple buckets of hot water down to the sheep and chickens. We were running late, as usual, and hurrying. I didn't realize that the end of scarf had dipped into the bucket. When I sat down in the car the wet scarf was under my leg/butt and it stayed there through my 45 minute commute.

I got to the office 5 minutes before the symposium was about to start. When I jumped out of the car, I felt a chill on my tush. I reached around and realized my rear end was soaked through. I checked my reflection in the window and sure enough it looked like I wet my pants. Fortunately my winter coat is long. At the symposium I made sure to fill my coffee and find my seat before taking the coat off. Then I sat wide-legged, very ladylike, hoping to dry out which it did by lunch leaving only a light water mark.

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