February 9, 2011


I placed my 2011 seed order! It’s so much fun getting ready for planting. I’ll be starting a number of things on my new shelf under a couple of grow lights – melons, acron squash, butternut squash and pumpkin. Some seeds, like the peas and lettuce, only have to wait until March and April. Others, like the corn, have to wait until Mother’s Day, which is the final planting day for round one. I say round one because when the peas, lettuce and broccoli are harvested other things like beets can go in their place.Anyway, here are the seeds I ordered:
  • Venture Green Beans (bush)
  • Kentucky Wonder Green Beans (pole)
  • Touchstone Gold Beets
  • Red Ace Beets
  • Fiesta Broccoli
  • Napa Carrots
  • Precocious Corn
  • Quickie Corn
  • Marketmore 97 Cucumbers (slicing)
  • Diamant Cucumber (pickling)
  • Alvaro Melon (orange)
  • Red Beard Onion (bunching)
  • Sugar Sprint Peas
  • Dakota Peas (shelling)
  • Yukon Gold Potato
  • Sangre Potato (red skin)
  • Neon Pumpkin (pie)
  • Tigress Zucchini
  • Cube of Butter Squash (yellow summer)
  • Early Butternut Squash
  • Mesa Queen Acorn Squash

Other plants that I’ll purchase at Wilco include Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, basil, rosemary and maybe eggplant. Can't wait!!!!


Masayuki said...

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Mad Typist said...

Found your seed list. It looks remarkably like what I'm used to around here, though you seem to have only a few herbs. Is that by choice or because of the weather? (I usually grow my herbs in containers by the back door for ease of harvesting while I'm cooking, but it would be nice to have an actual herb garden in the ground.)

Mindy said...

I have year-round rosemary and thyme going in containers. Every spring I grow sage and attempt basil, but it rarely gets hot enough to grow good basil. I've also tried cilantro but it tried to take over, so I killed it. What other herbs do you grow?