January 9, 2011

New Shelf

Today I put up a shelf in my daughter's playroom upon which I intend to start plants for the garden.

The playroom has floor to ceiling windows on the east and south facing walls. There is actually more square feet of window than wall. Lots of great light! When we moved in 5 years ago, I knew that room would be the playroom but I imagined when Jordan grew up and didn't need a playroom, I would turn it into "greenhouse" of sorts. Jordan still uses the room, but I figure one shelf won't disrupt her enjoyment.

I also didn't want to affect Jeremy's schedule. He has a long list of chores to do this winter - shelves in the barn (which he finished today), patching the hole in the ceiling where he had to cut in to find and stop a water leak, fixing the leak under the sink and the list goes on. So, I did the shelf myself. While it doesn't seem like a huge project, I always feel proud when I successfully complete a project that requires me to use a power drill! After a trip to Lowe's and about an hour of measuring, leveling and screwing, I put up a very secure, completely level 6 foot long shelf.

It won't be time to start seeds for another month but I had to test the shelf, so I moved three potted herbs (curry, oregano and sage) into the playroom/greenhouse :-)

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