January 16, 2011

Nearing Flood Stage

It has been raining for days now. This morning it was pounding on the roof so loud it woke me up. While I was drinking coffee, Jeremy came out and looked out the window and said "hum, it's flooding." Actually, the creek wasn't flooding but it was getting close. I headed down to see if anything was in imminent danger and I snapped a few photos.

The creek flows right by the barn; a few more inches and the downspout would be under water.

The "alley way" which is our crossing over the creek was just about to crest. The fencing trying hard to hold on.

Down at the road, there was still about 2 feet to go. That fence was about half under water.

When Jeremy and my dad put in the bridge, they spent considerable time thinking abut how hight to place the foundation so it and the bridge would be safe during high flows. The foundation was still about a foot from getting wet.

By late afternoon the rain had subsided and the creek never got any higher. No serious damage that we can see, but we'll have to wait until the water goes down to inspect the fencing. We may have to add some reinforcing around the culverts. Too bad we can't move the barn over a bit.

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