December 30, 2010

Junior's New Home

Seems like new items are constantly appearing on the to-do list and older items are never disappearing. But this weekend one big one is done!

When we moved in to our place almost 6 years ago, there was a barn and a "pole" barn on the property. The ladies have fortunate to call the pole barn home, so have pigs. But poor Junior is stuck on the far pasture with no cover save a huge Western Hemlock to huddle under during bad weather. Now granted, there are plenty of sheep in pastures around the world that don't even have trees for cover and they do just fine. That doesn't mean we shouldn't spoil Junior a little considering he was our first farm animal and has been an excellent breeder and good 'pet'.

It took years of thinking about it and 2 days to execute a 10 x 12 pole barn. Our good friend Kyle came to help. He even braved the framing, on posts in cement that wasn't cured, to attach the roof. Without Kyle, the 2-day "barn raising" would have taken at least 4. They worked until dusk and got it set, framed, roofed and two walls attached. It's good farm-quality craftsmanship - sturdy, secure, nice looking from afar and but with no straight lines when you get close. Not that Junior is going to be checking for right angles.

The morning of day two, I was headed down to feed the chickens and heard from Juniors pasture "What the ...!" I went over check. Turns out when Jeremy cut the fence, he cut it about 5 inches too short from reaching and being attached to the new pole barn. Fortunately it was easily remedied by removing a couple extra T-posts to get some slack. By 4 pm, Jeremy released Junior back onto his pasture and introduced him to his new home. I can't be sure but Junior seemed to smile as he ate his oats while standing out of the rain.

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