December 21, 2010

Hole in the Barn

Less than one week after Jeremy and our friend's teenage son cleaned all the downed limbs from the driveway and pastures, wind storm #2 hit. We listened all night while limbs pelted the roof, crossing our fingers that the trees would stay upright. It's a trip watching trees in the wind. They seem so solid most of the time, but whip around pliable during the storm.

The next morning we were headed to Christmas party #2, this one with Jeremy's mom's side of the family. Jordan had stayed the night with her grandma and cousins who were down from Tacoma. As we drove down the driveway Jeremy said, at the sight of all the debris, "I can feel the blisters forming." There were limbs on the fence in places and one big limb on the barn roof. But we were running late (of course).

Upon getting home, Jeremy went down to inspect, pull the limbs off of stuff and feed the animals. He was gone for a good while, which should have made me suspicious but he loves to spend time with the animals and during the work week we only see them in the dark. Finally he came back in and said "Well, there is a hole in the barn roof about this big." He held his hands to form a circle roughly the size of a softball. "And it's right over the loft." The loft in our barn is not for hay, as it is in a traditional barn. Our loft is for storage - primarily my parents' holiday decorations. With rain on the way (it's surprising it wasn't raining during the limb-dectomy) the hole had to be patched.

So, in true farm craftsmanship, Jeremy temporarily patched the barn roof with duct-tape. After the holi-every-day-with-another-party-days are over, we'll come up with a more permanent fix.

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