September 23, 2010

My Urban Friends - Part 2

Have you ever read the book called "Country Mouse, City Mouse"? It's a cute kids story about a city mouse that goes to visit her country cousin. And then the country mouse goes to visit her city cousin. In the end the city mouse hates the weather and the food in the country and the country mouse hates the noise and the dangers in the city. They agree not visit each other. This isn't that story. I love both and feel blessed to get to experience both every single day. But Jordan doesn't and her only experience of the big city is going to the theater for plays. On the particular time I'm giong to relay we went to NE Portland.

We got off the interstate and Jordan said "Where is all the grass?" Nope, not very much grass. Lots and lots of concrete through.

Our friends showed us around Alberta Street. It's a great drag with lots of shops and restaurants. It was lunch time so we strolled past the windows trying to choose which flavor we were in the mood for. I was in the mood for everything and Jordan just wanted to pizza. We settled for fish and chips.

They we walked a few blocks to a place where we could paint potery. Jordan kept lagging behind or running ahead, completly ignoring side streets and alleyways. No idea that a car could easily come out an run her down. At our house she can hear cars when they are half a mile away.

Then at one corner, she said "Mom, why are there signs stapled all over that tree?" I said "Look up." She did and upon seeing that it was an electric pole said "Oh." Guess we'd better get her in to the big city more often. I wouldn't want her going away to college and mistake the metermaid's car for a wheelbarrow.

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