June 23, 2010

Lamb Fun

One of the really frustrating things about lambs is their propensity for escaping.

Escape #1: On Sunday, when we were getting prepped for the coming week, Jeremy took a shower and opened the window to let the steam out. He heard a lot of bahhhing; a sure sign something is up. He went out the back deck and saw Mr. Speckles on the opposite side of the pasture and on the wrong side of the fence. The others, including his mom, had headed back to the pole barn and Mr. Speckles was frantic. It was easy enough to get him cornered between the two of us, pounce on him and put him back over the fence.

Escape #2: This morning, I had just gotten out of the shower and, like Jeremy, heard lots of bahhhing. But this time Jeremy was already gone to work and Jordan wasn't up yet. So I quickly threw on jeans and a flannel and headed out. As I opened the door there was a women, in a bright orange vest, standing at the door ready to knock. Turns out her and a friend were out for their morning walk and saw Mr. Speckles (aka "a white and black lamb") on the wrong side of the fence. I went down with her to the end of the driveway. Her friend had a small dog and Mr. Speckles kept thinking the dog was another sheep and heading over to him. But we pushed him towards the stream, I cheetah-pounced, tackled him into the stream and set him, nicely, back over the fence. Glad I wasn't already dressed for work yet - I don't need more adventures in heels and a skirt.

Escape #3: I came home today to Lilly alone on the back pasture and the gate separating that pasture from the front one, which all the others were grazing on, was closed. Lilly was clam but trying to figure out how to get back to the correct side. I'm not sure how she got there, but getting her back was as simple as opening the gate - she walked right back in. After Jordan's swim class there was a message from Lola, our neighbor. Apparently, around 3pm she heard lots of bahhhing (seeing a theme) and when down. Fawn, the 2nd born light brown lamb, was in the back pasture and freaking out. She was ramming into the gate. Lola opened the gate and Fawn went through, but Lilly, for some unexplained reason, went the opposite way to the back pasture and started eating the lush grass (it has been growing, unmunched, for a few months). Lola had no idea how to get her back, so she left Lilly there.

Tonight I moved Patches and Cookie out to the pasture. So now we have another lamb who will probably escape. Then Notag and little Tag, or Bubby, will move out. I'll be spending all my time cornering, pouncing and putting lamb back over the fence.

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