May 2, 2010

Everything Is In ... Almost

There are some veggies that go into the garden early (like peas) but most have to wait until the soil is warm enough. My rule of thumb is to plant everything that couldn't go in early on Mother's Day. But this year I'm not going to be home on Mother's Day. So I decided to plant one week early.

Jeremy tilled the garden twice already. All I had to do to prep was to rake. The soil was lovely - dark, loose, full of worms, smelling wonderful. Robins were keenly interested in the worms as well. I got started at 1pm. Working from the southwest corner to the northeast, everything went it except the Brussels sprouts, which are still inside starting. Below is the 2010 plan. I always keep a drawing of the garden so I can be sure to rotate crops each year.
While putting the corn (6 rows, each 20 feet long), a few crows decided to come taunt me. Last year, the first round of corn was eaten by crows; they ate every last seed. I got a second set of seeds in and to deter those nasty crows I bought a faux owl. Apparently the owl worked because the second set of corn grew. Unfortunately we had a cool early summer and the corn didn't mature quickly enough - we got no ripe corn last year. So today when the crows showed up right in time to eat my corn (how the 'bleep' do they know I'm planting corn today?!), I went back in the barn and got out the owl, who is now keeping guard in the middle of the garden.

All told it took me 3 1/2 hours to get all the veggies in. My hips and back are aching - tomorrow my hamstrings will be very sore I'm sure. Now all there is to do is wait ... and weed.

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