May 23, 2010


I am at the mercy of the weather. When the sun comes out, I become gitty. I smile at strangers, say 'hello'. Almost nothing can make me mad. But when it rains for days, I get depressed. I can't sleep. Everyone annoys me. And I crave comfort foods, particularly stuff with cheesy sauce.

It is the last week of May. The average high temperature should be 68 F. We should have partially sunny days. The rain should make an appearence every couple of days at most. But ... for six days the temperature hasn't climbed above 60 F. The rain has blessed us every single day. Not just misty rain, but driving rain with wind and hail. Right now, at 9:30 pm it's 47 F!!!!!

Today, my mom and I had to replant in the garden. Half of the seeds I planted two weeks ago didn't sprout due to frigid temperatures. With all the rain, the soil is soaked through and some of the seeds molded in the ground. Seriously! Of the seeds that did sprout, about 1/3 of those tender little shoots were ruined by the hail. I had to replant all but two of the Brussles sprout starts. None of the acorn squash or butternut came up, so we replanted those. Three rows of corn also didn't pop!

To make things even better, the weather forecast for the next 10 days is more of the same - cold, windy, rainy. There's no guarentee these replanted seeds and starts will come up either. And then it will be too late for winter squash and corn - they need 3 to 4 months of growing.

I have officially moved beyond simple depression and moved into pissed off!

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