March 15, 2010

Eggs in the pocket are worth two in the ...

Every day when Jordan and I get home we change our clothes and shoes and head down to the barn. The sheep need to be fed oats and hay. We have 6 ewes on one pasture and 1 ram on the pasture across the driveway. Jordan takes care of oats while I carry the gets-inside-your-shirt-and-shoes hay. The sheep's water also needs to be checked and periodically refilled.

The chickens get kitchen scraps and/or hay - depends on what we have. They love berries, apples, old bread and cucumber. This weekend we discovered they also like asparagus. They enjoy scratching through the hay, but I'm not sure they actually eat much of it. After all the food gets distributed, which takes about 15 minutes, we gather eggs.

That's the routine.

Today Jordan is practicing jumping rope for a charity event "Jump for Heart" at school. The entire time we were doing the routine, she was also jumping rope and counting out loud.

I grabbed the 4 eggs from the nest boxes and put them in my coat pockets. We walked - correction - I walk and Jordan jumped rope over to the garden to check on the peas we planted two weeks ago. No shoots yet. We headed back up the driveway.

When we got to the paved part of the driveway, where we park the cars, as compared to the rest of the driveway which is gravel, Jordan asked me how many times I could jump in a row. So I took the rope and started jumping. By the third or forth jump we both realized I HAVE EGGS IN MY POCKETS! Eyes locked, I dropped the rope and reached into my pockets. My hands came back out covered in gooy whites and yolk. 3 of the 4 eggs broke and my sweatshirt went into the wash.

The moral of the story is "Never jump rope with eggs in your pockets."

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